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4 Axis CNC Machine: A Comprehensive Overview

What is a 4 Axis CNC machine?

Similar to 3 axis machining, the material used in a project is removed via a cutting tool in order to produce one’s sought-after profile. One key factor, however, is that 4 axis CNC machining has an additional rotary movement on one additional axis: the A axis. By adding the additional axis, this allows the 4 axis CNC machine to automatically invert, thus allowing material to be
removed from contrasting sides. The inclusion of an additional axis unquestionably allows for increased efficiency and quality.

What are the Benefits of a 4 Axis CNC Machine?

Although 3 axis CNC machining is still the most widely used machining today, 4 axis CNC machining provides the user with increased accuracy, allowance for utilizing more complex machining operations, and eliminates the requirement for numerous setups. In direct correlation to the previous statement, by reducing the need for numerous setups, productivity is—as a
result—instantly increased. At Advantage Machining, we promise to use the highest-quality tools to return the best-possible products.

When working on projects that require molds with deep cavities or creation of 3D shapes, the benefits of using a 4 axis CNC machine are unprecedented. The accuracy, precision and productivity gained as a result of this fourth axis is fourfold.

4 Axis CNC Machine with Advantage Machining

As promised, at Advantage Machining we are committed to staying ahead when it comes to manufacturing technology. By utilizing a 4 axis CNC machine, we are ensuring the precision, accuracy and productivity are of the highest quality and within your budget and deadline.

We are excited to deliver perfect quality on time without fail. Contact us now to find out more about the 4 axis CNC machine. We look forward to serving you.