Benefits of Coolant through the Spindle on VMC (Vertical Machining Centers)

As the CNC machining industry continues to innovate, it is always a best practice to review your processes, performance, and reliability, all of which are crucial decision-making criteria for machine users. One of these current trends is to understand the significant results that a through-spindle coolant can provide. Improve your results by integrating through-spindle coolants […]

Understanding Machining with a Vertical Machining Center & 4th Axis

 What is meant by VMC Machine? As opposed to the machining with a horizontal machining center (HMC), CNC machines with the vertical machining centers (VMC) have vertically oriented spindles. VMC workpieces are usually mounted on top of their table and perform standard 2.5 or 3 axis machining operations. VMC are useful for creating the parts, […]

Choosing the Right Machine Shop

The right machine shop strives to build genuine, long-term partnerships with customers, by complying with a high standard of ethics, capabilities, services, production planning and the latest in custom part manufacturing innovation. Questions to Ask What are the shops capabilities? What services does the machine shop offer? How long has the machine shop been in […]

CNC Milling and Chip Thinning

Chip thinning refers to the decrease in the size of the chip load created during a cut. Anytime a cut’s depth is less than its radius, chip thinning will occur. The result is an overall decrease in the cutting force that allows for both the feed rate and speed to be increased resulting in a […]

Problem Solved: Custom Part Fabrication Process

Custom part fabrication may seem like a lengthy, overpriced process. Do not be deceived however… In most cases, customization only requires a simple modification to standard products made by skilled vendors helping OEM (original equipment manufacturers) to save money, time and headaches. Need new parts? Have one part for maintenance? Want to improve an existing part? […]

Benefits of Solid Carbide Through Coolant Drilling

Coolant drilling works by directing coolant through the tool to reduce the temperature at the cutting point while improving lubricity. These two factors improve the conditions for both the tool and drilling surface resulting in reduced costs per hole, savings in tool maintenance and overall improved results. When production drilling, the use of coolant can […]

Form Tapping Vs. Thread Cutting Screws

A tapping screw is a screw that creates its own hole when it is driven into a material, rather than needing to be driven into a pre-drilled hole. There are two basic types of tapping screws, thread forming and thread cutting. The primary difference between thread forming and thread cutting screws is how the holes […]

Importance of Efficient Production Planning

Production Planning for Cost-Effective Results A well thought out production plan eliminates overspending and inefficiencies throughout the entire production process. Many considerations should be, and are, taken into account by Advantage Machining before evaluating a project. The more considerations that go into production planning the more opportunities for cost- savings. Production Planning Process We build a […]

Custom Manufacturing With 3D Printing

Not long ago, the idea of 3D printing was one left to Science Fiction movies, but this practice of printing objects has not only become a reality but is becoming increasingly accessible as the cost to print decreases. As the accessibility and popularity of 3D printing rises, there are several changes and progressions to an […]

8 Most Common Materials in Custom Machining

Popular Materials in Custom Machining Advantage Machining is experienced in creating custom machining solutions for all kinds of industries. Whether looking for an automation part or the fabrication of a custom dye, if it’s not a part that can be found on the shelf, the design experts at Advantage Machining step in to create an […]