Designing & Engineering

Here at Advantage Machining, we work closely with our customers to design, engineer, and manufacture specialized tools for unique applications. Our team of industrial design specialists are always willing to fulfill our customer’s requests in a timely manner. While our specialists are capable of designing, we will generally work with our client’s design team in order to meet their needs. All we need from you as our client to begin is a concept, sketch, or some sample parts that you need fabricated.

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Some of our customers require specialized parts for prototypes or other machinery, but lack the exact details and specifications of what’s needed. Through our engineering services, custom parts can be manufactured exactly as needed, along with documentation about the parts designed and fabricated.

We even fabricate hard to find replacement parts for your machinery or tools. If you experience a breakdown or a part that’s been worn out, our design specialists can help you get a replacement part made, getting your machine back online as quickly as possible.

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