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Aluminum in Manufacturing

What Is Aluminum Used For?

Aluminum is a metallic element with quite diverse uses, spreading across many products and industries. While some of its uses are obvious, others might not be so well known.

Just looking around one’s home, the number of items comprised of aluminum are countless, from golf clubs to tennis balls, door knobs to window frames and toasters to pots and pans.

Aluminum For Construction

The construction industry makes particular use of aluminum due largely to the elements versatility. It can be cut, bonded, welded and molded to create a variety of items and solutions. In addition, and it is a lightweight and relatively inexpensive option. Aluminum can be found in practically every element of construction including eaves, skylights, shutters, railings, doors and wiring to name only a few.

Aluminum For Packagining

Another industry known for its use of aluminum is the packaging industry. Aluminum is the preferred element for this industry as it keeps food clean and safe from harmful elements in the environment, as it is impermeable. The metal is resistant to corrosion, and aluminum oxide is not destructive. The metal has no toxic elements and won’t affect the taste or smell of the food or beverages it stores. Aluminum is seen in packaging in various forms including cans, bottle caps, trays and more. It can also be applied as a foil for containers and wrapping.

Aluminum For Transport

Aluminum is also vital to the transportation industry. The weight to strength ratio of aluminum makes it a valuable asset to car, boat, train, and aircraft manufacturers alike. Because it’s light, this means less energy is required to move it and because it’s strong, this means it can stand up to the tasks at hand. Though aluminum is as strong as steel, it can be allowed without metal to increase its strength, while keeping the weight of its parts down.

Aluminum has a number of unique benefits that make it a key element in manufacturing. It’s relatively low cost, light weight, strength and unique packaging properties make it a versatile option for an array of manufacturers and industries. For more information on Aluminum in manufacturing or other manufacturing materials, Contact Us today!