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Benefits of Coolant through the Spindle on VMC (Vertical Machining Centers)

Prolonging VMC Spindle Lifespan Using Coolant

As the CNC machining industry continues to innovate, it is always a best practice to review your processes, performance, and reliability, all of which are crucial decision-making criteria for machine users. One of these current trends is to understand the significant results that a through-spindle coolant can provide.

Improve your results by integrating through-spindle coolants into your machines and reap the benefits in quality, delivery, and overall productivity. 

Understand the benefits of spindle coolants on drilling, hole quality, throughput, tool speed and life.

What are these benefits?

Deep-hole drilling: Through-spindle coolants used in high-pressure machining are made to produce the results you expect in deep-hole drilling and deep-pocketing operations. You can eliminate peck cycles in most of your deep hole drilling and increase both your speeds and feeds.

Enhances hole quality: In using different tools, machinists find noticeable tool marks that display not only a sub-par but low-quality finish. Since the through-coolant spindle supports higher cutting speeds, this enables the use of higher quality carbide tools that produce better overall quality.

Better throughput: The through-spindle coolant improves throughput since it allows machinists to cut more holes in the same amount of time used by other tools. This can significantly meet the high demands of your projects and improve your total productivity.  

Increases tool speed: The challenges machinists face when executing a peck drilling technique is that the tool continuously retracts and allows the chips to break while the coolant filters through the hole. This is where the through-spindle coolant handles this process with ease. It enables a one-shot cutting technique that clears the chips easily and speeds up the cutting process exponentially.

Increases tool life: Tools experience breakage consistently when entering the cutting zone during peck cycles and produce chips that block the way of the machine. This is completely avoided with through-spindle coolants since the “one-shot” cutting technique clears chips and keeps your tools lubricated.

You may justify the benefits of through-spindle coolants in vertical machining centres just by the technical improvements it has on the results of your work. But the final, yet most significant benefit is the business opportunity your company can experience. Implementing this type of high performing method in a diverse project environment can help you realize unlimited successes in time and money. The more you can use it, the more your team can learn innovative ways to lower your costs, improve productivity, and continue to champion precision.

At  Advantage Machining, all of our state-of-the-art CNC vertical machining centres are capable of 1000psi through the spindle. Run your production jobs, of any size, using our specialized applications and production for machining to deliver the results your customers need and want.