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CNC Milling and Chip Thinning

What is Chip Thinning?

Chip thinning refers to the decrease in the size of the chip load created during a cut. Anytime a cut’s depth is less than its radius, chip thinning will occur. The result is an overall decrease in the cutting force that allows for both the feed rate and speed to be increased resulting in a number of operational benefits.

This modern machining process is known by many names, including chip thinning, peel milling, axial high-speed machining and profit milling among others.

Chip Thinning Benefits

When paired with the right CAM software and the knowledge of industry leaders, chip thinning is a powerful cutting cycle that can be used to

  • reduce cutting cycle times
  • increase tool life and
  • increase production reliability

The lighter cutting force provides the benefits of greater reliability, extended tool life and decreased production time. While it might seem counter-intuitive, a process set to a higher feed rate, as chip thinning allows, is better suited to run unattended.

CNC Milling and Chip Thinning

High feed mills cut with greater reliability when the feed rate is increased, making it more productive and more reliable if the operator needs to step away. But it’s not only the increased feed rate and reliability that help cut production time, often, secondary operations can be eliminated as the lighter cutting force produces such good finishes. These same light cutting forces are also what promotes extended tool life. This is due to the decrease in contact between the tool and the cutting surface which results in less heat buildup and high metal removal rates, even in difficult materials.

However, when not combined with the correct rate of feed and speed, chip thinning can actually increase wear on tools and decrease the quality of the finished work. Advantage Machining uses the latest CAM software to ensure the benefits of this modern toolpath are realized.

Through software that can sustain a constant material removal rate, a smooth tool-path, and adjusted feed rates when required, Advantage Machining utilizes this cutting edge chip thinning techniques to provide its clients with industry-leading machining processes.