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Problem Solved: Custom Part Fabrication Process

Is Custom Part Fabrication Right For Me?

Custom part fabrication may seem like a lengthy, overpriced process. Do not be deceived however… In most cases, customization only requires a simple modification to standard products made by skilled vendors helping OEM (original equipment manufacturers) to save money, time and headaches.

Need new parts? Have one part for maintenance? Want to improve an existing part? Looking for mass part production?

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Part Customization Benefits

Customization serves to improve machine performance and streamline manufacturing.

Reasons Against Using Standard Parts

  • It is about having the right parts which meet specifications for long term usability. Not just making parts fit.

Importance of Efficiency for Prototypes

  • Investors don’t settle for opportunities, they are looking for products that will capture market share, generate returns and are streamlined for the long haul.

Settling for COTS products

  • Using commercial of the shelf products
    • Limits machine performance
    • unnecessarily increases time and costs
    • Leads to unnecessary head aches

Cost Effective, Customized, Insightful Part Tweaking

  • Practical Recommendations to
    • Better Product Functionality
    • Quicker Prototype Developments
    • for Readily Accessible, Quality Materials
    • Avoid Common design pitfalls

Advantage Machine Shop Custom Part Fabrication Process


As your design partners our value-added capabilities serve to enhance the entire manufacturing process. Our diagnostic capabilities, along with design, and troubleshooting expertise will streamline any product development.

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