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Cutting Down Your Down Time

Strategies for Improving Operational Efficiency

Whether for a fix, a change or an upgrade, when equipment needs tending and production comes to a halt, Advantage Machining understands that getting machines back up and running is the first priority. The team at Advantage Machining is dedicated to helping clients get back to business as usual, as soon as possible. From the first phone call inquiring for a quote to signing for delivery, every step of the process is completed with speed and accuracy to provide a quick solution for equipment repairs.

From refurbishing, re-strengthening to total redesigns, Advantage Machining will work closely with clients to find the right solution to suit their needs, producing one-of-a-kind products to standard machining parts. Industrial Design Specialists can create new or replacement pieces from sample parts, a drawing or just a concept.

Cut Your Down Time
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A unique industry or custom request doesn’t have to mean more down time. Advantage Machining is experienced in working with many different industries, from Oil and Gas to Automation, Packaging to Food, and designing specialized tools for unique applications from a full range of metal and plastic materials.

With Advantage Machining, clients can count on quick service, but doing things quickly never means forgoing excellent service and excellent products. Every part, tool and product is built to not only meet customers’ specifications, but also the applicable regulatory standards and codes of their industry. With over 13 years experience, Advantage Machining is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to build long-standing relationships with each and every client.

At one point or another, high production equipment will wear out, rust out or become out-dated, but a change in machinery doesn’t have to mean a drawn out stop in production or a budget breaking complication. With Advantage Machining, it never means cutting corners or service in favour of cutting time. Businesses can have confidence that when their equipment needs repair, they can turn to Advantage Machining to provide the right custom solution, right away.