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How to Ensure Quality in Custom Manufacturing

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Manufacturer

Every part to your operations machining is a vital piece of the puzzle. You’ve heard the saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”; if you require a part that can’t be found on the shelf, you need to have confidence that your custom part is of sound quality to keep your operations running.

Every custom manufacturer is going to promise you a quality part, but quality isn’t guaranteed, it doesn’t just happen. What’s the difference between an operation that promises quality parts and an operation that actually delivers them? When a manufacturer promises to make a superior part, how do they intend to do so? How do they ensure that each custom part is of quality you can rely on?

At Advantage Machining, the answer is clear. Just like a chain built of strong links, Advantage Machining has developed a system that successfully integrates a number of practiced steps and resources to ensure the quality of their custom products.

Supplier management

Quality control starts with efficient tracking of the quality and timeliness of vendor preferences. Advantage Machining has spent many years building longstanding relationships with the best suppliers in the industry.


Maintaining, tracking, and stocking the right inventory at the right time is critical to quality control success. Having the right stock on hand can be the difference between a part made with the best possible material, and a part made with whatever happens to be accessible.

Workflow Processes

Manufacturers and their employees need clearly defined processes in place to ensure consistency and quality. Advantage Machining employs practiced policies and trained professionals to ensure a streamlined process and quality production.


In order to provide quality parts for you, a manufacturer needs to ensure their own machinery is operating properly with regular inspections and maintenance. Machinery that fails or doesn’t perform optimally must be identified and fixed before it has an impact on the finished product.


How do you quantify quality? Manufacturers must have testing procedures in place to measure their products and ensure they are up to the necessary standards through multiple processes. Advantage Machining serves clients in many fields and is dedicated to providing products that meet the standards and codes of each client’s industry.

Predictive Analysis

Knowing when certain failures occur, learning from mistakes, and constantly improving are essential to maintaining consistently high-performing products. With over a decade in the industry, Advantage Machining has the experience and expertise not just to repair and improve shortcomings, but predict and minimize risk.

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