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Keeping the Squeaky Wheel Lubricated

When To Service Your Machines

The beginning of the season is here, and what better time than now to bring all your machines up to date. Before the warmer weather brings the increased demand on services, it’s ideal to go over your assets and evaluate every need.

Repair & Regular Maintenance

Now is the time for needed repairs and maintenance. Advantage Machining recognizes that your bottom line is important; any downtime ends up as a financial loss for you, or worse, losing a large customer. It’s a good idea to always maintain your machines by having proper maintenance plans in place, as this ensures to minimize loss and keep your machines running at capacity.

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Machine Inspections

The best way to fix a broken machine is to catch the potential failure before it even occurs. This could potentially save you severe downtime and thousands of dollars, not to mention potential injuries of your staff. Regular inspections also deters the more catastrophic and expensive failures from ever happening.

Replacing Old Machines

Sometimes a machine is just too old, inefficient, and in some cases dangerous to keep running. Getting on top of a change of machinery requires you to be vigilant, otherwise you may suffer the consequences of poor planning such as injury, cost overruns, or long downtime. Replacing an old machine with a new one will take time, especially if the new model doesn’t quite fit where the old one was located. Give yourself the proper time to do the swap, and have experts plan the execution from start to finish. It’s suggested to do such changes when demand is down and you can afford the short break in production that may be necessary.

Keeping Machines Clean

Looking into methods of keeping your facility clean & tidy will help benefit your company image, as well as the safety and well being of your employees. There are many things a business can do to keep a clean work environment without hiring a full-time cleaning team. Your first asset, in this case, is your employees. They can take on responsibilities to help keep the space clean by any of these methods:

  • Establish routine cleaning initiatives & policies
  • Keep a dust pan and push broom nearby
  • Invest in a motorized sweeping and vacuuming machine
  • Consider a paper waste compactor
  • Create “cleaning teams” for specific areas on the shop floor

Remember, a clean work environment is a safe and healthy work environment.