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State-of-the-Art Production and Horizontal Machining

At Advantage Machining, we strive to maintain our stellar reputation by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment

The forefront of modern technology within the manufacturing industry. In order to ensure that we continue to run production jobs efficiently, on budget, and on schedule, we have an impressive array of high-tech machining tools and capabilities at our disposal.

The current spotlight is on Horizontal Machining as a viable alternative to Vertical machining. While Horizontal Machining was created before Vertical Machining, both are essential since different jobs require different tools; the key difference between the two is the axial movement of the spindle or spindle axis orientation. Unlike in a vertical milling machine, where the operator can stand in front of the machine to observe the cutting action, a horizontal machining mill lends itself better to longer and heavier workpieces that are machined on multiple sides, and need larger support tables.

The Horizontal Machining method allows for milling, drilling and tapping, as well as speed machining of aluminum alloys, cast irons, and low alloy steels. The special electric spindle system eliminates maintenance and noise. The lack of vibration ensures that the tooltip doesn’t lose any power, enabling a superior surface finish and impressive speeds when removing metal.

Benefits to the Horizontal Machining method also include:

  • less setup time for a complicated project; instead of constant observation and multiple setups, the machine can complete jobs quickly, by cutting simultaneously with time-consuming steps such as setup and loading parts.
  • running multiple jobs for different customers at the same time on the same machine.
  • easily updated with the latest cutting technology; machines can be updated instead of replaced entirely.
  • parts can be deburred (rough edges smoothed away) by the machine itself instead of through manual labour.
  • horizontals are better at containing scrap chips, contributing to a clearer shop floor and emphasizing the quality of one’s workspace as well as the product itself. This also lessens the time spent cleaning the shop after each job.

Overall, Horizontal Machining results in shorter processing times per part, lower prices due to less machining and labour time, and better accuracy when machining complex parts due to advanced axis turning. Enabling this level of high-speed machining helps Horizontal Machining to hold its own among other machines on the shop floor.

While horizontals can be a bigger investment than verticals, the savings to costs and time will lead to better pricing for customers. As always at Advantage Machining, the focus is on using high-quality tools to create high-quality products to our customers – machining is done right, for the right price.