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Tools Used in a CNC Machine

If you are considering using a company that offers CNC machining, then you will want to know about the tools used in a CNC machine. But first, you might want to know a bit more about what a CNC machine is and how it works. 

What Is a CNC Machine?

CNC machining is a process in manufacturing where a company uses pre-programmed computer software to determine the movements of the machinery and tools. The company can use the process to control many different kinds of complicated machinery, from lathes to grinders to routers and mills. With this kind of machining, the operator can easily do three-dimensional cutting tasks with a few different prompts. 

CNC is short for computer numerical control, and the process is often better than using manual controls. The company doesn’t have to use live operators to guide and prompt the commands of the machining tools using wheels, buttons, and levers, maximizing efficiency and reducing the margin for human error.

Moving Parts of a CNC Machine

Often, a machining process requires that the company use different tools to make the required cuts. Some of the tools used in a CNC machine include several different drill bits. A CNC machine usually combines the tools to common cells or units that the machine can then draw from. 

A basic machine will move in just one or two axes, but a more advanced machine will move in the X- and Y-axis and also longitudinally in the Z-axis. More advanced machines can also move rotationally around several axes. A machine that is on several axes can automatically move parts around, which provides the operator with the ability to move material without having to flip over the prototype. It also allows the operator to cut all the sides of the material without having to manually intervene.

Benefits of Using a CNC Machine

One of the top benefits of using a CNC machine is that it offers a high speed of production. The market is changing quickly, and manufacturers need to be able to provide quick turnarounds on products in order to keep up with the market demands. Many times, a company can take the biggest portion of the market share if they can provide fast, accurate and high quality products.

By working with a company that offers CNC machining, you can get fast results. The machines do not require an employee to move or operate them during cuts as the instructions already programmed in through the computer. In addition, because CNC machines reduce the margin for human error, they are essentially producing a higher quality product in a quicker time. Finally, CNC machines are very cost-effective because they reduce the amount of staff needed on the shop floors. Ideally the customer will be able to offer higher quality products at a more affordable price, allowing more customers to purchase their products.

Making a Precision Cut

The main difference between standard CNC machining and precision machining is the programming accuracy that the operator of the machine needs to do to make the parts. Once the parts are finished, the operator will use a 3-D coordinate measuring machine to look at the tolerance of the parts.

Closing Thoughts

Using a CNC machine has many benefits, and you can have high quality, precise parts made by choosing a company that offers CNC services. At advantage machining, we specialize in general machining and CNC, custom machine building and CNC turning up to 4” through bore and 80” between centres.If you’re interested in learning more about CNC machining, or if you’re interested in learning more about our tools and how they can increase your profits, please contact us today!