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Considerations of CNC Systems

Benefits of Computer Numerical Control Machining Systems

Before Computerized Numerical Control systems, everything was done manually, which resulted in errors and limitations. The bigger an item was, the harder it was to keep it in specification. Since the advent of computer power, technology has been accelerating at an astronomical rate,

The ML26 CNC machine at Advantage Machining

An example of the ML26 CNC Machine

especially in terms of CNC machines.  Now that we have lasers, robotics, and advanced computing systems, creating large items with precision is expected, as an industry norm.

Product Quality

Quality is everything when it comes to the fabrication industry. We pride ourselves on the work performed, which is why we do not use any mass production practices. With the power of CNC, we utilize CAD & CAM programs to develop the exact models you want. By implementing laser precision and advanced robotic technology, we create the exact design you need right on spec.

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Types Of CNC Systems

They’re several types of CNC systems, but some of the most common are:

  • Mills
  • Lathes
  • Drills
  • Plasma cutters
  • Electric discharge machining
  • Water jet cutters
  • Surface grinders

The Down Side of CNC Machines

As advanced as these systems are they still are not aware of themselves or anything around them. Uploading a task into a machine and expecting it to perform properly without setting a reference point is a recipe for disaster that can cause damage to both, product being made and to the machine itself.

In order for smooth operation, an operator is required to keep control of the entire process from start to finish. The operator is also responsible for ensuring the “backlash” of a unit is taken into consideration to avoid any perceived issues.  Here at Advantage Machining we are dedicated to keeping our staff up to date with latest trends and equipment knowledge for the best quality results possible.