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8 Most Common Materials in Custom Machining

Popular Materials in Custom Machining

Assorted Custom Machined Parts

Assorted Custom Parts

Advantage Machining is experienced in creating custom machining solutions for all kinds of industries. Whether looking for an automation part or the fabrication of a custom dye, if it’s not a part that can be found on the shelf, the design experts at Advantage Machining step in to create an original piece, specific to needs and specifications of the client.

From materials to finishes, customizations to techniques, the options for creating a custom machining solution are seemingly endless. If you’re looking to create your custom part, the team at Advantage Machining can guide you through choosing the specifications that are right for your needs by walking you through the options available and helping you determine which is the best for you.

Here’s a look at the most common materials used in custom parts fabrication.


Cost is generally the leading factor in the choice for brass, making it a popular choice despite having low strength and being heavier in weight. Brass is commonly used for electronic hardware and fittings.

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Copper Alloys

Copper alloys are popular for lower cost custom jobs, while the cost varies depending upon grade and strength, they generally offer lower cost solutions. Copper Alloys are excellent for electrical conductivity, making them a common choice for parts that require electrical contacts.


The type of aluminum will vary greatly in cost, strength and also in use. From commercial products, electrical hardware, and even aircraft components, the uses for aluminum are many.

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Like aluminum, steel is available in a variety of grades and offers an affordable option to suit many jobs. 12L14 steel, while slightly more expensive, is among the most popular of steel options due to its exceptional machining characteristics.

Alloy Steels

Compared to regular steel, alloy steel is the more expensive option but is able to fulfill the need for direct-hardening and high-stress jobs.

Stainless Steel

Due to its resistance to corrosion and the ability to heat-treat many of its grades, stainless steel is popular in the medical and aerospace industries. Though, it is of significantly higher cost than other metal alternatives, limiting its popularity in common commercial products.


Titanium is known for its incredible strength and rare lightweight. Popular for aircraft and medical implants, it is the most expensive option used in custom machining, making it an uncommon choice unless its unique qualities are required.


For products like insulators and bearings, plastics are a common choice, with PVC being the most cost-effective of the plastic choices.

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