CNC Machining Articles

Form Tapping Vs. Thread Cutting Screws

Differences Between Form Tapping and Thread Cutting Screws A tapping screw is a screw that creates its own hole when it is driven into a material, rather than needing to be driven into a pre-drilled hole. There are two basic types of tapping screws, thread forming and thread cutting. The primary difference between thread forming […]

Importance of Efficient Production Planning

Production Planning for Cost-Effective Results A well thought out production plan eliminates overspending and inefficiencies throughout the entire production process. Many considerations should be, and are, taken into account by Advantage Machining before evaluating a project. The more considerations that go into production planning the more opportunities for cost- savings. Production Planning Process We build a […]

Custom Manufacturing With 3D Printing

What Is 3D Printing? Not long ago, the idea of 3D printing was one left to Science Fiction movies, but this practice of printing objects has not only become a reality but is becoming increasingly accessible as the cost to print decreases. As the accessibility and popularity of 3D printing rises, there are several changes […]

8 Most Common Materials in Custom Machining

Popular Materials in Custom Machining Advantage Machining is experienced in creating custom machining solutions for all kinds of industries. Whether looking for an automation part or the fabrication of a custom dye, if it’s not a part that can be found on the shelf, the design experts at Advantage Machining step in to create an […]

What Is Machining?

Machining and Manufacturing Fundamentals Machining covers a wide variety of actions that take a raw material and turn it into something else. It could be defined as a controlled process that takes raw material and transforms it into a desired final shape and size. This can include material-removal as seen with such actions such as […]

Considerations of CNC Systems

Benefits of Computer Numerical Control Machining Systems Before Computerized Numerical Control systems, everything was done manually, which resulted in errors and limitations. The bigger an item was, the harder it was to keep it in specification. Since the advent of computer power, technology has been accelerating at an astronomical rate, especially in terms of CNC […]

Keeping the Squeaky Wheel Lubricated

When To Service Your Machines The beginning of the season is here, and what better time than now to bring all your machines up to date. Before the warmer weather brings the increased demand on services, it’s ideal to go over your assets and evaluate every need. Repair & Regular Maintenance Now is the time for […]

Aluminum in Manufacturing

What Is Aluminum Used For? Aluminum is a metallic element with quite diverse uses, spreading across many products and industries. While some of its uses are obvious, others might not be so well known. Just looking around one’s home, the number of items comprised of aluminum are countless, from golf clubs to tennis balls, door […]

How to Ensure Quality in Custom Manufacturing

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Manufacturer Every part to your operations machining is a vital piece of the puzzle. You’ve heard the saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”; if you require a part that can’t be found on the shelf, you need to have confidence that your […]

Creating Cost Effective Custom Parts

How Do I Order Custom Machined Parts? When ordering a custom part, you want to make sure you’re getting what you need, but you also want to make sure you’re not spending more then you need to. The best way to ensure you’re not overspending on your custom design is a well thought out plan. […]